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It's been a long time...
Recently swapped out and upgraded the main audio interface. Due to the significant upgrade in AD/DA conversion, I'm planning on an ambitious project to remix the entire SIKYON CD sometime in 2014. This remix will clean up and create the mix and sound that was originally intended, resulting in higher quality sounding tracks. There is a chance that I re-release the CD in the near future.
I'm hoping to complete "Trance of the Fire Dance" within the next few weeks. Also, watch for "Percussion Paradise."
Wow! It's been too long since my last update..
I just uploaded "Tsunami Destruction of Japan." It's a short instrumental taking place after the destruction occurred. There is a follow up song arriving soon with another long awaited song.
There's a new song posted
I've uploaded a new song "Mid Autumn Daydream". You can watch it by clicking "Music Videos".
New video and music on the way!
There will be a new video for "Mid Autumns Daydream" and new music coming soon!
Free Download
Download the song "Winds of War" for free! Just click the BUY button to download.
Recording new material...
New songs are on the way!
New EP due in early 2009
A new concept EP is in the works and should be available early 2009. The songs on the EP will be primarily acoustic and percussion based. The themes will be similar to the the song "The Unknown Path".
The video is complete!
The video is now complete. I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication to making this happen as your efforts are very much appreciated. Everyone did a great job and worked really well together as a team. Thank you!


Executive Producer: Geoff Kraulik
Belly Dancer: Kristina
Directed, Produced & Edited by: Jason Brox
Effects & Animations by: Riley Lester
Green Screen & Cinematography by: Dan Hundley
Steadicam Operator: Joey Sal
Music written and performed by: Geoff Kraulik
(c) 2008 SIKYON
Music Video update
The final footage with the onscreen talent has been captured. The video project will now enter into the editing phase. Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication toward this project! It’s very much appreciated!
Music Video - "The Unknown Path"
Plans to start production on the music video for “The Unknown Path” are finally coming to together! Preliminary staging should begin in early June and hopefully post-production will be completed by sometime early to mid July. Interview
I want to thank DJ Yorkie from for the great interview! Hopefully we can do it again some day.

You can listen to the interview by clicking on SONGS/MP3's and then "AiiRadio Interview".

FYI -REAL Player IS NOT needed to listen to the interview from this website.
The interview has been rescheduled!
In case you heard the interview…it would’ve been great had it not been for the communication issue. For those who missed out, it has been rescheduled.

We’re going to use an alternative communication tool that has a better track record of stability.

He is excited to have me as a guest on his show again and I am excited to give it another shot. His show starts @ 1:00pm CST. My interview is scheduled around 1:30pm CST, Sunday, May 11th. I recommend clicking on the ‘Listen to Live Stream’ link from a few minuets after 1:00pm. If you hear “Welcome to” talking about how to navigate through the previous shows then you’re hearing a pre-recording. Simply exit Real player and click on the link again. If Real Player shows ‘live link’ scrolling across you’re good to go.
The AiiRadio interview has been rescheduled:
Show starts at 1:00pm CST.

My interview starts around 1:30PM CST.

Web address:
Don’t forget that you must have REAL Player installed on your computer in order to listen to the show.

Thanks again for all your support!
Plagued by communication issues
Sometimes technology just does not want to co-operate.

Unfortunately the interview today was over shadowed by technical issues. DJ Yorkie did a great job keeping the interview alive even though Geoff’s responses were barely heard by anyone. Arrangements to use an alternative communication tool have been made and we are going to give it another try very soon.

Thank you for your support!

On a positive note: DJ Yorkie hosts a very entertaining show on every Sunday @ 1:00 CST. He mixes some common sense humor with some great music. Check it out!
Internet Radio Interview w/DJ Yorkie
I will be part of a two guest interview session on The first guest will be Artist Mia Muze and she will start @ 1:00pm Central US Time. My interview will follow hers.

If she is unavailable then I will probably start @ 1:00pm Central US time.

The interview will take place Sunday, May 4th and will be hosted by DJ Yorkie from Northern Ireland.

To listen to the program go to and click on 'Listen to Live Stream'.

FYI – YOU MUST HAVE 'REAL PLAYER' installed on your computer in order to listen. You can download the STANDARD version of 'REAL PLAYER' for free from

Any changes or cancellations will be posted on this website -

Mid winter update
Time really does fly fast! I realeased a Limited Edition Single Release (when I mean limited, I mean a very small quantity) of the new song "The Unknown Path". The song is also available for direct download from this website.

There are 3 other songs in the works and those songs will be on an EP CD along with the song "The Unknown Path". Target release date is mid summer '08.

Perpendicular Vision
I’m excited to announce that I had recently joined another project called “Perpendicular Vision”. The greatest part about this is that everyone one of them represents the style of musicianship that I’ve been looking for in a band situation for very long time and I believe that feeling is mutual amongst them as well. And the best part is, I think this is the beginning of something very cool!

We’re currently auditioning a vocalist that meets the following criteria;
1. A voice that compliments our original music (and a few covers)
2. The ability to write tasteful lyrics
3. Vocal control
4. Strong stage presence
5. Takes their craft seriously

If you possess this talent and you’re interested, click on the EMAIL link and send a message with your contact information and links to your online portfolio. Anything that we can hear that clearly demonstrates your abilities, style and sound would be great.

Also, the SIKYON project will not end. In fact I still have 2 more songs and a video to complete and post on here. But on a different note, I may be able to play this material live with Perpendicular Vision!
The Unknown Path
The song had been completed. Thanks Daryll!
'The Unknown Path' is on the way!
A new song called 'The Unknown Path' is finished! It was mixed and mastered in Studio B at Winterland Studios in Minneapolis. The new song will be available on Broadjam just as soon as the final review process has been completed.

Keep an eye out for the 'The Unknown Path' video scheduled to be released this late summer/early fall!
American Idol Underground
'Spiders & Ants' entered #14 on the American Idol Underground TOP 50 ROCK Charts today!
New songs are on the way!
Besides being very busy with other projects this past year (some musical and some not), I’ve managed to start recording some new material. There are 3 new songs in the final recording stages due to be released around spring/early summer ’07. My goal is to have 7-8 more songs by the end of this year.

'Spiders & Ants' re-enters the Productions / Ballads Top 10!
2.Bellissima_Too much
3.joel i_9 II 1
4.Fred Kimmel_Goldfish
5.Claire Ulanoff_Real Cold Real Soon
6.Pablo F. Schmitt_The Settlers
8.Charles V. Hayden_My Best Praise
9.SUNS OF LIGHT_Child Support
10.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
Spiders & Ants goes crazy!
The song "Spiders & Ants" enters 8 different Broadjam Top 10 lists on June 1st, 2006!

'Spiders & Ants' enters the Minnesota TOP 10!
1.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
2.Michael Scott_Close the Door
3.Mark Anderson_How About You?
4.Daniel Williams_Whatever It Takes
5.New Prairie Music / Bruce Bednarchuk_I Love This City
7.Minds Eye Urban Music Group_phatts9
8.Michael Scott_Shoulda Left it Alone
9.ALAZE' aka D Routeman_Liquor Store
10.Larry Vernon Davis_She
'Spiders & Ants' enters the Midwest TOP 10!
1.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
2.Jeffrey James Onsrud_Race Against Time
4.Organized Rhyme Syndicate_Hold Me Now
5.Michael Bell_Holy Ghost And Fire (Energetic Contermporary Christian!)
7.Fat Roz_Lean Back
8.Jeffrey James Onsrud_Cascade
9.Kenny Marshall_The End
10.Phenom_The Reason
'Spiders & Ants' enters the Rock TOP 10!
1.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
2.Jason Black_All I Want
3.VBK_The Answer
4.Great Oz_Seething
5.eddie dixon_mighty mighty
6.Derrick Harris_I Will Be Here For You
7.SincSwytch_Always Wanted
8.Polo Staber_lost
9.Polo Staber_Livin' on borrowed time
10.Charlie Shock_Pull The Pin???
'Spiders & Ants' enters the Rock/Hard Rock TOP 10!
1.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
2.SincSwytch_Always Wanted
3.Polo Staber_Livin' on borrowed time
4.Scott Vox_Rage Released
5.Niacin Flush_Surreal
6.Sergio Escalona_The Running Man
7.Molly´s Gusher_Queen of my heart
8.Vacation On Mars_Terpentine
10.Larry Vernon Davis_She
'Spiders & Ants' enters the Production/Ballads Top 10!
1.camelot_My Place
2.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
5.Andrea Standley, Songwriter_Half-Hearted Moon
6.Pablo F. Schmitt_The Settlers
7.Disciples of Logic_Feel good
8.SUNS OF LIGHT_Child Support
9.Diona Devin_Airplane Light
10.BC tha hustla welcome to www.bcthahustla.com_LAST HUSTLA
'Spiders & Ants' enters the United States TOP 10!
1.On Edge Management -GMA_I Can Tell
2.camelot_My Place
3.Liz Miller_The Love You Can't Have
4.Ken Moulden - songwriter_I Hear a Beer
5.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
6.Robert P. Daltry Jr._No Tears Past The Gate
7.Jeffrey James Onsrud_Race Against Time
9.Renee Lopez_Child Of Life (Joseph's song)
10.Emmett North Jr._Funky Goodtime
'Spiders & Ants' enters the North American TOP 10!
1.On Edge Management -GMA_I Can Tell
2.camelot_My Place
3.Chubbz_Call it Whatever w Beastie Boys
4.Liz Miller_The Love You Can't Have
5.Ken Moulden - songwriter_I Hear a Beer
6.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
7.Robert P. Daltry Jr._No Tears Past The Gate
8.Jeffrey James Onsrud_Race Against Time
10.Renee Lopez_Child Of Life (Joseph's song)
'Spiders & Ants' enters the Earth TOP 10!
1.On Edge Management -GMA_I Can Tell
2.camelot_My Place
3.Chubbz_Call it Whatever w Beastie Boys
4.Liz Miller_The Love You Can't Have
5.Ken Moulden - songwriter_I Hear a Beer
6.SIKYON_Spiders & Ants
7.Robert P. Daltry Jr._No Tears Past The Gate
8.Jeffrey James Onsrud_Race Against Time
10.Renee Lopez_Child Of Life (Joseph's song)
'Winds of War' enters the Minnesota TOP 10!
Dear SIKYON, CONGRATULATIONS! 'Winds of War' has entered the Minnesota Top 10 at Broadjam!

1.Daniel Williams_You Carried Me
2.Pat Bacon_Jeanne's In The Big House
3.Michael Scott_Shoulda Left it Alone
4.Jeremy Carlin_Wake Me Up
5.Mark Anderson_How About You?
6.Roger Nelson_Certain Circles
7.Minds Eye Urban Music Group_phatts9
8.Daniel Williams_Only Comes Once
9.Pat Bacon_Harley Girl
10.SIKYON_Winds of War

'The Aggression' enters the Minnesota TOP 10!
Dear SIKYON, CONGRATULATIONS! "The Aggression" has entered the Minnesota Top 10 at Broadjam!

1.Dex Aquaireean_"Callisto"
2.Summer Carlson_"Beautifully Flustered"
3.Michael Scott_"These Old Shoes"
4.New Prairie Music / Bruce Bednarchuk_"Love Happens" (The Killer Hayseeds)
5.André Rodriguez_"Giving You a Reason"
6.Gee! William_"Ease The Load"
7.SIKYON_"The Aggression"
8.New Prairie Music / Bruce Bednarchuk_"In The Middle"
9.Daniel Williams_"Falling"
10.New Prairie Music / Bruce Bednarchuk_"Fresh From Us To You" (.30 sec.)
'The Aggression' enters the Metal TOP 10!
Dear SIKYON, CONGRATULATIONS! "The Aggression" has entered the Rock - Heavy Metal Top 10 at Broadjam!

1.BlackPaul-Roughmixes_"Sacred Flow" - Featuring Jimi Bell
2.Project xXx_"Justify"
3.SIKYON_"The Aggression"
4.Sonic Marvel_"the king"
5.Artifact_"Truth forgotten"
8.Adrian Johnson & Lalita Mann_"Way Out"
9.Adrian Johnson & Lalita Mann_"Heaven Fell"
10.THREEBAG_"Break Away"
'The Aggression' enters the Progressive Rock TOP 10!
Dear SIKYON, CONGRATULATIONS! The Aggression has entered the Minnesota Top 10 at Broadjam! The Aggression has entered the Rock - Progressive Rock Top 10 at Broadjam!

1.Greg Armstrong_Drifting Away
2.New Prairie Music / Bruce Bednarchuk_"Love Happens" (The Killer Hayseeds)
4.Jeremy Anderson_Breathe
5.SIKYON_The Aggression
6.daina De prez_Lover
7.Matt Johnson Band_Southern Comfort
8.Matt Engstrom_Silent Children
9.Greg Armstrong_Something Ain't Right In Texas
10.Larry Vernon Davis_Don't Count Tomorrow Out